Noordwijk – the beach of Amsterdam. Noordwijk is an exclusive seaside resort that is very easy to get to thanks to its central location between Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. It combines congress facilities worthy of a big city with small scale and the quiet charm of a seaside resort.

Why meet in Noordwijk

What makes Noordwijk unique is the combination of high-end congress facilities and the quiet charm of a seaside resort. Noordwijk provides the perfect environment for relaxation and recreation as well as a rich variety of high-quality venues, hotels and restaurants. And that's a pretty unique mix!

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Mr Holland about Noordwijk

Mr Holland knows his way around Noordwijk. He often writes about his findings on the hidden secrets page or on his blog. When you are planning an event to Noordwijk you should definitely read his blog post "A day in Noordwijk"

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