10 Green Meeting tips

Not sure how to get started making sure your next meeting in Holland is a green one? Just take a look at our green meeting tips and you’ll be well on your way to reducing the environmental impact of your event.

1. Environmental policy

Prepare an environmental policy for the meeting, and share it with all those involved: management, suppliers, delegates, presenters and exhibitors.

2. Counteract CO2 emissions

Establish a carbon-neutral initiative to compensate for the CO2 emissions resulting from your meeting or event. Seek to use low carbon and renewable energy; choose energy-efficient and water-saving appliances. Calculate here the CO2 emissions of your event.

3. Paperless event

Consider the possibility of hosting a “paperless event” by using new media and electronic technology.

4. Green Key hotels and meeting venues

Choose hotels and meeting venues that are connected to the airport by mass transit, and within walking distance of each other, preferably ones that carry a Green Key certificate.

5. Easy travel

Make it easy for delegates to travel between the airport and the hotel/meeting venue. Provide information about the local public transit system, or arrange for carpooling shuttles.

6. Reduce vehicle emissions

If vehicular transport is required, look for vehicles with lower emissions of greenhouse gasses such as CO2. Electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as vehicles that run on natural gas, propane, methane gas or ethanol, produce fewer emissions than petrol or diesel-fuelled vehicles.

7. Green catering

At your event, only use caterers that follow sustainable standards.

8. Recycle

Minimise the use of disposables and ensure that food and beverage packaging is recyclable – and that it will be recycled. Make sure on-site recycling is provided for paper products and other recyclable materials that are produced by the event.

9. Spread the word

Tell your exhibitors about your greening plan. Get them involved in the process.

and last but not least,

10. Think global, act local!

Make sure to work with as many local suppliers and use as many local products as you possibly can.