Green conference cities

The Dutch conference cities strive to meet ambitious climate-neutral goals. Find out more about their different approaches.

  • Green Amsterdam

    Green Amsterdam

    With over 750,000 inhabitants and 174 different nationalities, the Dutch capital has set serious targets for sustainability.

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  • Green Groningen

    Green Groningen

    Groningen aims to be energy-neutral by 2025, calling for a sustainable working method for renovating existing structures and building new ones.

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  • Green Maastricht

    Green Maastricht

    Maastricht has set the goal to achieve carbon balance in its governing bodies and organisations by 2015.

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  • Green Noordwijk

    Green Noordwijk

    Noordwijk has been awarded with both the Blue Flag eco-label and the Quality Coast Award.

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  • Green Rotterdam

    Green Rotterdam

    Rotterdam is a dynamic city that embraces change with innovation and creativity and is aiming to be the world capital of CO2-free energy.

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  • Green The Hague

    Green The Hague

    The Hague has pledged to become the first city in the Netherlands to have a climate-neutral municipal government by 2010.

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  • Green Utrecht

    Green Utrecht

    Utrecht is one of Holland’s frontrunners in sustainability. The city council aims to achieve a climate neutral organisation by 2012.

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