Dutch Architecture

The Netherlands is the most densely populated country in Europe, which means the Dutch have to be creative with space for homes, jobs and infrastructure. You can find modern architectonic creations next to historical buildings in any city. However, the two most important architectonic highlights are the city of Rotterdam, also known as ‘Manhattan on the Meuse’, and the UNESCO monument the Rietveld Schröder House in Utrecht.

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Most recent Dutch Design & Architecture blogs
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    Dutch women are not fans of anything too fussy or ostentatious. Their jewellery must also not be too small. Or too chic. Finding the right mix between power and glamour is the key.

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  • Hip handicrafts

    Handicrafts used to be a handy way to kill time. But even in our fast consumer society there is a need for craftsmanship and authenticity. Elleke van Duin finds out that handicrafts are hip again!

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