Het Nieuwe Instituut


Het Nieuwe Instituut informs, inspires and stimulates visitors about shaping the human space. The past, present and future of architecture are shown and discussed at Het Nieuwe Instituut. The institute is open to the professional field and the general public.

Collections and Exhibitions

The Het Nieuwe Instituut has one of the largest architecture collections in the world. The archive and library contain sketches, journals, models, photographs and over 35.000 books about architecture. The work of every famous Dutch architect since 1800 is represented here.

Exhibitions and symposiums focus on landscape architecture and urban, interior, industrial and graphic design. Both national and international developments are discussed.

The Summit of Architecture

Visiting the Het Nieuwe Instituut is a must for professionals, students of architecture and anyone with a soft spot for the discipline. The institute has visitor tours, education programs and lectures for professionals, (foreign) students and children.

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