de Internationale Keuze


September 23, 2015 - September 27, 2015

The international theatre festival ‘de Internationale Keuze’ (literally translated as the International choice) boasts an extraordinary selection of national and international theatre productions to memorably kick off the theatre season. Due to the broad variety of performances, there’s something to tickle everyone’s fancy.

© Julia Christiane Jatahy
  • Intriguing theatre festival
  • Diverse range of performances
  • National and international productions

Varied and international program

The festival focuses on a high-quality international and interdisciplinary theatre and dance program for all ages. These performances show state of the art, recent developments in the performing arts. The performances of Internationale Keuze are mainly staged in the Rotterdam City Theatre.

Inspiring shows

The ambiguity of the performances is what triggers visitors to come to the performances. The human being has a natural tendency to question things. And that’s exactly what they will do after visiting this wonderful festival.

Welcomes the art of debating

The festival presents intriguing and inspiring theatre from all over the world. Besides the performances, the Keuze café offers room for discussions about the acts and there is a debate specially for this festival.

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