Leeuwarden Flower Market


May 5, 2016

Every year on Ascension Day, Leeuwarden traditionally organises the ‘Bloemetjesmarkt’ or flower market. It is Holland’s longest market with a sea of flowers as far as the eye can see, right through the city’s centre on the Prins Hendrikstraat, het Ruiterskwartier, de Westerplantage, de Groeneweg and Nieuwestad.

Holland’s longest market

The market embraces some two hundred stalls selling flowers and plants. From early in the morning to late in the afternoon, it draws thousands of people who return home with bags, buckets and sometimes carts filled with plants and flowers.

A joyful bustle

All in all the Leeuwarden flower market is visited by some 30,000 people per year, and with reason. It is a lovely sight and naturally the surrounding terraces in the district are full of people as well. If you happen to be near Leeuwarden on Ascension Day, do drop by and visit the ‘Bloemetjesmarkt’.

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