GLOW Eindhoven


November 7, 2015 - November 14, 2015

With gorgeous light constructions by artists from all over the world, Eindhoven is transformed into one giant exhibition of light. Visit GLOW and enjoy this magnificent spectacle.

  • Visit the annual GLOW exhibition in Eindhoven.
  • See gorgeous light constructions by artists from all around the world.
  • GLOW has a new theme with new surprising light designs every year.

The GLOW light art festival is an annual event in Eindhoven. With their light installations, dozens of light artists give Eindhoven’s city center an entirely new face. Façades and public spaces - no place is safe from the GLOW light artists. Come to Eindhoven and see how nightfall changes the colors and shapes on the city’s streets.

Strolling through Eindhoven

There’s no better city for GLOW than Eindhoven. Light artists feel immediately at home in the Dutch capital of design and technology. Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors are led through the downtown area by the most varied, fascinating and unusual light projections. A new theme is chosen for GLOW each year, and visitors have a new surprise awaiting them with each new edition of the event.

The light art festival of Eindhoven

Over the years, the GLOW Light Art Festival in Eindhoven has been awarded many prizes for the original and innovative way artists, designers and architects put the city in a new “light”. Plan your trip to Eindhoven during the second week of November, and visit GLOW.

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