Jumping Indoor Maastricht


October 30, 2015 - November 1, 2015

Jumping Indoor Maastricht guarantees, as per usual, a spectacular sports program and a versatile event for everyone, whether or not you are a lover of equestrian sport. Besides top sports there are many shops, children’s shows and even a Ladies Day with champagne and afternoon tea. The ladies are asked to appear with the most creative and exotic hat.

Grand Prix of Maastricht

Jumping Indoor Maastricht offers absolute top sports. The best national and international jumpers come to Maastricht to compete in the ring. The highlight is the Grand Prix of Maastricht. Top dressage riders will also meet in convention center MECC Maastricht for the Hoefslag Dressage Cup and the Tinello Dressage Cup.

Extensive Program

Jumping Indoor Maastricht is more than just a sports event. It is well-known for its extensive side program, for the exclusive 'Le Village' promenade, and the activities for young and old. These include many stands that sell art, jewelry, antiques, fashion, equestrian sport items, and the latest gadgets. The Sunday morning Jimmy Club presents a special children’s show with artists and activities.

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