5 of the Coolest Music Festivals in Holland


5 of the Coolest Music Festivals

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We Dutch love our music festivals.  In fact, we host so many that it would be hard to list them all!  Instead, we’ve picked five of our favorite fests for you to know about. Plan ahead and have fun!

1. Where The Wild Things Are

WTWA ©Bart Heemskerk

There’s lots of love where the wild things are.

WHEN: March

WHERE: Center Parcs de Eemhof in Zeewolde

WHAT: Three days of alternative music and your own bungalow?  Sounds pretty cool to us.  Plus, you get bowling, yoga, swimming, and a Rummikub tournament! (In case you didn’t know, Rummikub is a combination of rummy and mahjong, played with cards or numbered tiles.  Pretty edgy stuff.)  Discover bands from around Europe, plus dancing, games, and relaxing: a nice respite from tents and techno if you’re looking for a change from that scene.  Nevertheless, it can get pretty wild.

WHY: Great mix from rock to house-funk and lots in between.


2. Pinkpop

Pinkpop ©Sascha Teschner

Put your hands up for Pinkpop! (at least, one hand)

WHEN: June

WHERE: Megaland in Landgraaf

WHAT: One of the longest running pop and rock music festivals in the world, Pinkpop balances the established with the new, offering rock bands alongside superstar deejays.  With four stages and dozens of acts, you’ll certainly get a weekend full of music.

WHY: Big names, big sounds.


3. Down The Rabbit Hole

DTRH ©Bart Heemskerk

You’ll always have a place to rest when you go down the rabbit hole.

WHEN: June

WHERE: De Groene Heuvels (The Green Hills) Park in Beuningen

WHAT:  Surrounded by the forestry of Het Groene Hart (The Green Heart), Down The Rabbit Hole celebrates wild adventure and full creative expression while underscoring the three-day festival with a long list of artists.  World-renowned acts share the bill with a huge range of acts, with opportunities to discover dozens of up and coming bands.  All for your enjoyment to be “who you are when no one can see you.”  Let’s jump in!

WHY: Hugely popular to wildly indie.


 4. Solar

Solar ©Vincent van den Boomgaard

Solar fans certainly have a colorful disposition!

WHEN: July/August

WHERE: The Maasplassen in Roermond

WHAT: As their motto goes, Solar is “Built on Creativity.”  Every year the temporary village welcomes thousands into a custom-built world of sights and sounds, taking on a different theme every time.  The line-up features a wide range of electronic music including house, techno, electro and dubstep, as well as hip hop, jazz, pop, and even classical.  Plus, you’ll find games, party tents, and a pop-up theater.  If you’re looking for a danceable, colorful, highly immersive experience, we suggest you go Solar.

WHY: The strange, exciting beats you’ve yet to march to.


5. Lowlands


What’s red and orange and rocks all over? Lowlands.

WHEN: August

WHERE: Walibi Holland in Biddinghuizen

WHAT: First held in 1967, Lowlands has consistently presented a wide-reaching bill of pop, indie, rock, electronic, and hip hop, but is also known for its offerings of film, theater, dance, cabaret acts, and comedy.  Music acts range the full gamet, there’s certainly something for everyone!

WHY: Superstars and art bands.


Plus, a bonus sixth option!

6. Best Kept Secret Festival

Hey! Down in back!  It’s no secret, everyone has a great time here.

WHEN: June

WHERE: Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek

WHAT: We’ll share the secret with you.  Held every summer in the village of Hilvarenbeek, this award-winning festival prides itself on focusing 100% on music.  The line-up always garners incredible responses, from rock icons to hip-hop stars to electronic masterminds.  And they’re high-tech, too.  Attendees get a wristband with a scan-sensitive microchip for payments, so no worries about running out of cash or losing your wallet.  Just enjoy the music, have a great time, and stay cool!

WHY: More people than you’d never imagine.  And so many discoveries.



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