Amsterdam Diamond City


For more than 400 years Amsterdam has been the City of Diamonds. If you want to add a sparkle to your stay in Amsterdam these are the places to be.

Gassan Diamonds

The Amsterdam diamond company Gassan Diamonds is located in a formerly steam-driven diamond factory. In this historic, monumental building, you’ll learn how 400 years of craftsmanship and tradition has perfected the art of diamond-polishing. At the end of the tour Gassan Diamonds gives you the opportunity to buy a world-famous Amsterdam Cut diamond.

Download a voucher that entitles you to a free guided tour of the Diamon Polishing works of Gassan diamonds.

Coster Diamonds

Take a free-guided tour at the diamond factory Coster Diamonds and see how craftsmen cut and polish a diamond. Coster Diamonds polished many famous diamonds, like the world famous Koh-I-Noor, a blue-white diamond which is part of England’s crown jewels and the beautiful Dresden diamond, part of the crown jewels of Saxony. During the excursion in the diamond factory you will also see the Lucullan: the largest unpolished gem in the world.

Every day guided tours in all major languages are held.

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