Brew Beer the Dutch Way AKA The Cool Way


Brew Beer the Dutch Way

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At the Brouwerij ‘T IJ Brewery, the resident Dutch brew masters keep things cool. Sure, the beer is cold, but the atmosphere is warm, the food is delicious, and every element that goes into making the place and the product is certainly what we would call cool.

Here is a list of the seven things that make Brouwerij ‘T IJ one of the coolest beer spots in Amsterdam.

1. A rock star founded it.

Bassist and composer Kaspar Peterson wrote chart-topping hits, learned brewing from the Belgians, and originated this brewery for everyone to enjoy. We think that rocks.

2. It’s located in a former municipal bathhouse.

Bathhouses were prolific in Amsterdam until the 1970’s, as many small apartments lacked a shower or tub. Today, many small apartments lack a brewery, so at least they’re still supplying a public service!

3. They keep it organic.

Brouwerij 't IJ

Four of their standard brews are certified organic, joining the very popular movement around the world to brew more organic beer. Super cool.

4. The staff yells.

Their bartenders scream when a beer is ready. Really loud.

5. Their middle name could be Victorious.

They’ve scored top honors at the Dutch Beer Awards, including a Gold Medal for Strong Blond. Have you met our friend Pim? He’s a strong blonde.

6. An ostrich is their mascot.

Why? According to them, the founder’s favorite animal is the ostrich. IJ is the name of the river that runs through Amsterdam, and this is pronounced the same as the Dutch word “ei” which translates to “egg” in English. As ostriches lay eggs, it was the perfect combination.`

7. The beer helps make the cheese.

The Skeapsrond cheese they serve comes from the milk of sheep fed by the brewery’s used malt! Lekker cool.

Visit, eat, drink, and be merry!


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