Dutch Vesting Town Open Days


June 3, 2017 - June 5, 2017

Dutch Vesting Town Open Days

Visit the Dutch Vesting Town Open Days and learn more about historic fortified towns. Watch tournament simulations, learn all about old crafts, and see battle reenactments.

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Once a year, old fortified towns open their gates, welcoming you to rediscover forgotten stories. During the Dutch Vesting Town Open Days, you will learn how the cities’ defense system worked, meet historic characters, and witness battlefield simulations. 

  • See what Holland looked like in the Middle Ages
  • Learn more about the defense system of the fortified towns

Dutch fortified towns

There are fortified towns throughout Holland: towns that were surrounded by walls, fortifications and other defensive works between the 15th and 18th  century. The idea was to protect the population against outside attacks. Every fortified town has its own unique atmosphere and stories. The past comes to life here, especially during the Dutch Vesting Town Open Days.

Activities during the Dutch Vesting Town Open Days

Every year the Dutch Vesting Town Open Days are held in a different town (this year in: Geertruidenberg). The town will be transformed into a historic fortified town. You will hear cannons go off every now and again and for two days, you will be able to enjoy a range of activities: tournaments, learning about old crafts, and listening to troubadours.  

More fortified towns in Holland

Did you know that Holland has many more fortified towns? One of these towns full of history is Amersfoort, which bears many traces of the past, like the Kamperbinnenpoort. This gate was a part of Amersfoort’s first city wall. Or how about Muiden and its medieval Muiderslot Castle.

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