Escher in the Palace


Maurits Cornelis Escher was a graphic artist, who lived between 1898 and 1972. He was an absolute master in drawing impossible situations and optical illusions. ‘Escher in the Palace’ (Escher in het Paleis) is a permanent exhibition in a former palace of the Royal Family in the historical heart of The Hague.

Works of Graphic Artist Escher

Imagine drawings with water floating upwards, never-ending staircases, reptiles crawling vicious circles between objects on a desk, escaping and reentering the paper that they are drawn on, hands coming out of a piece of paper and drawing themselves. To most people, these things are hard to imagine, let alone to draw. But it’s all there in the Escher museum, ‘Escher in the Palace’.

Confusion and Laughter

The drawings puzzle and amuse every visitor. A floor with multimedia helps you gain a better understanding and create your own optical illusion. For a few euros you’ll have a great time at Escher in het Paleis.

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