Hermitage Amsterdam


Hermitage Amsterdam is the biggest satellite museum of the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg. It is located in a beautiful building, ‘Amstelhof’, along the Amstel river. The bountiful collection of well over three million objects in the parent museum guarantee fabulous exhibitions with amazing works of art.

Exhibitions at Hermitage Amsterdam

The main exhibition is temporary and changes every 6 months. Hermitage Amsterdam also has two permanent presentations. One illustrates the long relationship between Russia and the Netherlands, the other focuses on the history of the building Amstelhof, which was a home for the elderly for 324 years.

Russian History in Amsterdam

If you’re not planning on visiting St. Petersburg, the Hermitage Amsterdam enables you to drink in some Russian art, history and culture. Take your time to enjoy the fabulous exhibitions of the biggest satellite museum of the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg.

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Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age

Thirty colossal, 17th century group portraits in the Hermitage Amsterdam.

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From Russia with love

  1. Denise Mosbach

Our connections with Russia date back more than 200 years. We traded them cattle in exchange for vodka. But the cultural cross-pollination went beyond that. Denise Mosbach looks for the cultural influences of the Russians in the Netherlands.

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Anne Frank, her Diary on Stage

See ANNE in Theater Amsterdam! A unique play, translated into 8 languages, about the life of Anne Frank.

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