The ‘hunebedden’ or passage graves are an emblem of the province of Drenthe. They were created by peasant tribes 5000 years ago. 54 of these graves have stood the test of time. Each passage grave is a tomb made from enormous, solid stones. The stones were left behind after the penultimate ice age and weigh up to 40 tons each.

Passage Graves of Drenthe

There are many questions about the ‘hunebedden’. Who were these peasant tribes and how did they manage to lift the stones? These and many other questions are answered at the Hunebed Centre in Borger.  

The Hunebed Centre

Learn more about the history of and climb into the amazing passage graves in Drenthe. The Borger Hunebed Centre will inform you about the rich history of the tribes and graves for just a few Euros. The Hunebed Centre is located in a beautiful, natural environment, so the best way to discover many ‘hunebedden’ and enjoy the province of Drenthe is by bike.

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