International Documentary Festival Amsterdam


November 18, 2015 - November 29, 2015

The International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) is one of the world’s most prestigious documentary film festivals. It offers an international film program with a large variety of genres often with a political interest. Next to an audience of 100.000 people there are many filmmakers, debates, workshops, master classes and European and world premieres.

Creative Documentaries

During IDFA, creative documentaries take center stage. This means that IDFA chooses films which express the filmmaker's point of view in a creative and cinematic manner. The documentaries are cinematically intriguing or innovative, are relevant or highly topical to society at large, and stimulate the viewer to reflect, discuss and ask questions. That’s how you are sure to see an international, diverse, topical and politically committed program.

International documentary institution

There are over 300 documentaries shown in eleven days in Amsterdam. Every movie has its own unique subject that shows you an extraordinary insight about life. The stories you see come from all over the world and provide a wide variety of different perspectives. You can purchase your tickets at cinemas and ticket offices throughout Amsterdam.

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Culturally justified voyeurism

  1. Marloes Tervoort

Once a year, Amsterdam is the centre of the documentaries world. IDFA is the largest international documentary festival with over 250 documentaries and more than 180,000 visitors. According to Marloes Tervoort, the festival is a must-visit when you’re in Amsterdam.

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Anne Frank, her Diary on Stage

See ANNE in Theater Amsterdam! A unique play, translated into 8 languages, about the life of Anne Frank.

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