New Luxor Theater


New Luxor Theater

Experts agree that the architecture, location and appeal of the New Luxor Theater make it one of Holland’s most beautiful theaters. Take a 60-minute architecture tour and experience it yourself.

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One of Holland’s most beautiful theaters

The Theater of Rotterdam

The New Luxor Theater is Rotterdam’s main theater. Experts agree that the building’s architecture, location and appeal make it one of Holland’s most beautiful theaters.

The Architecture of The New Luxor Theater

The amazing design by Australian architect Peter Wilson has many great characteristics. First of all it has a theatrical red color, which makes the theater and its surroundings seem to glow. Secondly, the theater plays with spaces: an overwhelming entrance hall, wide staircases and many look-throughs. Thirdly, it is well located along the Meuse River at the foot of the Erasmus Bridge. The roof terrace and the foyer offer visitors a spectacular view of Rotterdam.

Take a Theater Tour

Since the opening in 2001 many people have requested a tour through the amazing New Luxor Theater. You can get a 60-minute tour, too! Call the theater for reservations and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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