Rotterdam Archiguides


The skyline of Rotterdam

Rotterdam ArchiGuides gives you a fresh, original introduction to Rotterdam architecture and urban development. They offer several tours on foot, by bike or by coach. We've selected two tours, to see them all, visit their website (also in English).

Bike tour: Rotterdam in no time

A cycle tour past a hundred years of architectural history. In a sportive and relaxing way you will cycle past several highlights of Rotterdam architecture. From the postwar centre to Piet Bloms’ Cubehouses and from the ambitious Southbank to the by Rem Koolhaas designed Museumpark with the Netherlands Architecture Institute and beautiful villa’s of the New Movement. In two hours time an enthusiastic and competent architecture guide will tell you all about Rotterdam, city of architecture.

Rotterdam Southbank walk

The most interesting city development besides the innercity and the Lloydquarter can be found along the river Maas. With the disappearance of the harbor functions on the southbank, a lot of space has been created alongside attractive waterlocations to foresee the waterfront of the Kop van Zuid of new functions. In the past few years several interesting housingprojects have been realized, but also a lot of administrative functions have found a new location over here. Because of the energetic reconstruction of the Southbank, the centre of the city has been moved towards the river. The walk passes along recent projects like the Erasmusbridge by Ben van Berkel and the new Luxor by Peter Wilson the renovated Las Palmas building and the highest apartmentbuilding of Rotterdam, the Montevideo by Mecanoo.

Anne Frank, her Diary on Stage

See ANNE in Theater Amsterdam! A unique play, translated into 8 languages, about the life of Anne Frank.

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