Stadskasteel Oudaen


In the heart of Utrecht you will find Stadskasteel Oudaen. In 1280, one of the city’s wealthiest families commissioned the construction of the castle. In those days, a stone house was something special. Indeed, it took more than a century before the tower was completed, becoming the tallest structure of Utrecht. Throughout the city’s history, the castle has always played an important role. Nowadays it houses a restaurant, allowing you to combine a tour with a drink or a meal. 

Purpose of Stadskasteel Oudaen

Stadskasteel Oudaen was originally a medieval defensive tower house, many of which were built at Oudegracht in this epoch. The castle derives its name from a later owner, Dirck van Houdaen. In 1758, Stadskasteel Oudaen was taken over by the Dutch Reformed church, which turned it into a home for the poor and elderly. Two centuries later, the premises housed the Roman Catholic student association Veritas for a few years, before the castle was turned into a catering establishment.

Oudaen Brewery

Today Stadskasteel Oudaen is one of the best-known restaurants in Utrecht. You can enjoy meals or drinks from early in the morning until late in the evening. As the castle can accommodate large parties, it is no surprise that reservations are often made well in advance for meetings and wedding receptions. Stadskasteel Oudaen also boasts its own brewery, where various types of beer are brewed. For more information about brewery tours and the castle’s history, contact Stadskasteel Oudaen.

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