The Frisian lakes


Friesland is a water paradise! Nowhere else in Europe will you find such an extensive network of interconnected lakes, canals, ditches, ponds and rivers. The area attracts thousands of boaters and vacationers, who want to experience this unique water spectacle. The area offers a good balance between tourism, water sports and the extraordinary flora and fauna.

Sneekermeer and much more

One of the most famous lakes in Friesland is the Sneekermeer. It originated in the Middle Ages due to peat extraction, and today it is equipped with all the necessary water sports facilities for every kind of water enthusiast. Anything is possible, from swimming, water skiing and surfing to sailing races and leisure boating.

There are more lakes to enjoy other than the Sneekermeer. In total, the area of the Frisian lakes consists of 35 lakes with a total surface area of 9300 hectares. In and around the area are the National Landscapes of Southwest Frysland and Noardlike Fryske Walden, and the National Parks Lauwersmeer, Schiermonnikoog, the Drents-Friese Wold and Alde Feanen.

Activities for young and old

Although the Frisian lakes and the surrounding nature offer beautiful photo opportunities year round and a great area to relax, the best time to visit is in spring or summer. The natural areas are in bloom and the lakes are enjoyed extensively by water enthusiasts. Finally, you're very welcome to participate in the weekly contests, events and festivals that are being organized in the surrounding villages and towns.

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