The royal family on King’s day


Everyone in Holland celebrates King’s Day on 27 April. What does His Majesty the King do on this special day? When Queen Juliana still reigned there was a procession on Queen’s Day, with thousands of Dutch people walking past the steps of Soestdijk Palace and laying down flowers to cover the entrance.

Visiting the people

Things changed when Beatrix became our queen. She joined the people and visited one or two towns or cities in a specific province each year. She was accompanied by many members of her family and the royals were treated to a broad range of folkloric activities. Our new King Willem-Alexander has promised to preserve this wonderful tradition. This tradition continues with King Willem-Alexander.

Singing and dancing

Children sing special songs, people demonstrate old dances and crafts, and the royal family is happy to join in. The family visits new cities or towns each year so if you want to know where to find the King and his family this year, you should ask in advance.

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