The Toneelschuur in Haarlem is one of the most popular cultural meeting spots in town. This is where locals of all ages and backgrounds come to see a play or catch a movie. If you want to see a play, go to the Toneelschuur (‘theatre barn’); the Filmschuur (‘movie barn’) is the place to go if you want to see a movie.


Join the ‘in crowd’ at the Toneelschuur café before or after the show. Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere at the bar, one of the tables or the reading table and treat yourself to a drink and a bite to eat. It is such a great place that many visitors simply stay there instead of going to the movies or theatre.


The Toneelschuur is the place to go for movies and theatre shows. Performances start early in the afternoon, with the last show starting at about 10 in the evening. The café is open until 2 in the morning from Thursday through to Saturday. So you and your friends or family can also go there to talk about the movie or play that you just saw.

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