Zeeuws Museum


The Zeeuws Museum has over 30.000 artifacts that recall Zeeland’s past. The varied collection includes the famous Zeeland tapestries, the historical collection of the Royal Zeeland Scientific Society and the contemporary art collection of the Province of Zeeland.

The Collection

The highlight of the Zeeuws Museum are six tapestries that tell the story of Zeeland’s struggle against the Spaniards during the Eighty Years’ War. Other historical objects are a baby dragon, an ivory pocket sundial, traditional costumes, jewelry, porcelain, silver and archaeological finds. The contemporary art collection includes works by Marinus Boezem, Piet Dieleman and Jan van Munster.

History of Zeeland

The best way to relive the history of Zeeland is by visiting the Zeeuws Museum. The museum and its varied collection are located in the center of Middelburg. Children under the age of nineteen don’t pay an entrance fee.

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