A night at the museum

Marloes Tervoort, Tuesday, September 3, 2013, 795 Views

I still remember that first Night at the Museum in Amsterdam very well. My colleagues and I bought tickets well in advance and we were looking forward to dancing the night away at the museum. To us, it was clear: this event was not to be missed. I can still see myself boogieing to DJ Per in the Tropenmuseum and before that, we’d been to the Stedelijk, the Rijksmuseum and the Jewish Historical Museum so that we wouldn’t miss a thing. After all, this many fun things on one evening requires smart planning; and a proper bike.

The Night at the Museum was first organised in 2000 when a group of culture students introduced the concept to Amsterdam. The idea originated from Berlin where ‘Die Lange Nacht der Museen’ had been a success for many years. Together with a number of Amsterdam museums, the ambitious students organised their own Night at the Museum a year later, the only difference being that they exclusively targeted a young audience.

The Night at the Museum is an annually recurring item in my diary, not least as it is the perfect opportunity to flirt... ehmm, have interesting discussions with a previously filtered target audience: urbanites with an interest in culture. And I wasn’t the only instant fan. If the first night attracted some 15,000 visitors, this number has now almost doubled.

Although the event is primarily aimed at locals, there’s no need to feel an outsider if you are a tourist; 10 percent of pre-sale tickets are purchased abroad. And at just 18 Euros per ticket it is likely that more tourists will score a ticket in the days leading up to the event as the fee includes public transport in town (which is particularly useful if you don’t own a bike). If you don’t want to miss out on anything, be sure to download the ‘Night at the Museum’ app which helps you determine your perfect route. It even tells you how busy certain museums are at a particular time, helping you increase your chances of flirting successfully!

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Marloes Tervoort

Journalist Marloes Tervoort (1977) lives in Amsterdam with her husband and two children. She seriously enjoys the films, festivals and parties in her hometown and writes about them with an equal amount of passion.

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