Bicycle holidays in Holland

The organised bicycle holidays from Dutch Bike Tours or Cycletours give you the opportunity to explore Holland the Dutch way. Not only have they created the best routes, but they also do most of the hard work for you:

Book a Bicycle holiday in Holland

  • Your baggage is transported to each destination for you so no heavy lifting or extra weight on your bicycle.
  • Your bicycle will be adjusted to ensure a comfortable ride.
  • If you do not have your own bicycle, you can rent one for the duration of the tour.

Furthermore they guarantee excellent accommodation for you along the way. Dutch Bike Tours books rooms in a good hotel, while Cycletours invites you to spend several nights on their boat for a truly Dutch experience. In both cases you will enjoy an excellent dinner, a good night’s sleep and a solid breakfast in the morning so you’ll have plenty of energy to get the most from your day.

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