Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam


The Jewish Historical Museum has an impressive collection of well over 13.000 art works and historical objects. Only a fraction is on display in the permanent exhibition, but it’s enough to give you a great impression of the religion, culture and history of Jews and Judaism in Holland.

The Jewish Quarter of Amsterdam

The Jewish Historical Museum is located in the Jewish Quarter of Amsterdam. Just a stone’s throw away you’ll find the Hollandsche Schouwburg (The Dutch Theater) which has a permanent exhibition about the prosecution of Jews during the Second World War and a memorial for all the Jewish victims. You can also combine your visit with one of the most beautiful synagogues in the world: the Portuguese Synagogue.

Everyone’s Welcome

In advance of visiting the Jewish Historical Museum you can have a look at the immense collection of objects, art works, books, photos and videos online. Moreover, the museum includes a children’s museum that explains family values and Jewish traditions to the little ones. In short, the Jewish Historical Museum and Jewish Quarter have much to offer and everyone’s welcome.

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