Amsterdam Tulip Museum


The Amsterdam Tulip Museum was founded and sponsored by a local bulb company. It sits in the Jordaan neighborhood and traces the history of the tulip in the Netherlands, with details on “Tulip Mania” and the flower’s fascinating economic power in the Dutch Golden Age during the mid-seventeenth century. The museum was founded to provide some historical context year-round to the tulip festivals and tulip sales that still pervade the Dutch countryside.

History and culture in full-bloom

The museum is small in size, but packed with interesting history and events. There are historic displays about “Tulip Mania,” how bulbs were used as food during various wars, and the origin of the flower in Turkey. Even modern growing and breeding techniques are explained. The exhibition includes a collection of tulip paintings by Judith Leyster, a seventeenth-century painter and colleague of Frans Hals, the famous Dutch portraitist.

Tulips in Amsterdam

If you are looking for a tulip-themed souvenir, the gift shop in this little museum is the place to be. When you are visiting, don't miss the Amsterdam Tulip Museum: it's an inexpensive and very specific slice of Dutch history. It's located just across the bridge from the Anne Frank house, and is easy to incorporate into your visit to this neighborhood. The closest tram station is the Westerkerk tram stop on lines 13, 14 and 17, or bus lines 170, 172 or 174, which also stop at the tram station.


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