St. Laurenskerk in Alkmaar


The ‘great church’ or St. Laurenskerk is an impressive medieval building in Alkmaar’s town centre. The Brabant gothic style basilica has been one of the architectural highlights in Alkmaar for centuries now.

Saint Lawrence

The church, which is believed to have been built by the architect Anthonius Kelderman from Mechelen in the periode 1440-1512, was devoted to Saint Lawrence. It has 26 free-standing pillars that carry the vaults and ceiling.

Famous organs

The great St. Laurenskerk boasts two world-famous organs, which are known as the Van Covelens organ and the Van Hagerbeer/Schnitger organ. In summer a number of concerts are performed on these ancient organs, which date from the 16th century. Please contact the local tourist office (VVV) for information on opening hours and concert dates. Address: Koorstraat 2.

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