Cruise Ship ‘De Rotterdam’


The SS Rotterdam is the 'Grande Dame' of Rotterdam. It is the biggest passenger ship ever built on Dutch soil and stands testimony to Dutch craftsmanship. The SS Rotterdam is the former flagship of the Holland America Line; it sailed the seas from 1959 until its retirement in 2000. You can spend the night in De Rotterdam, do a tour, or enjoy a drink whilst enjoying the view of the Meuse and Rotterdam’s skyline.

Touring the SS Rotterdam

If you want to explore this fantastic steam ship, book a ticket for one of the two tours:

Uitwaaien & Zwaaien (Wind & Waving) Tour

Explore the SS Rotterdam using an audio guide and map of the ship. Visit the bow, bridge, wheelhouse, sports decks, poop deck, cards room, radio room and captain’s cabin. Everything is authentic so you will have a real-life impression of what life aboard ship was like back in the days. At the Experience Centre, you can travel from Rotterdam to New York in a matter of minutes.

Rotterdam Complete Tour

The Rotterdam Complete Tour takes you nearly everywhere on board the SS Rotterdam. Here, too, you will see the bow, bridge, cards room and radio room. But the Rotterdam Complete Tour takes you further than the Wind & Waving Tour. The old covered swimming pool takes you to the machine room, after which you descend the narrow staircases to the beating heart of the ship: the boiler room.

Experience the SS Rotterdam

Explore one of the most successful passenger ships ever in under 90 minutes. Spending a few hours aboard the huge cruise liner is good fun for adults and children. Find your ‘sea legs’ during the tour itinerary, which is open daily from 10:00 to 17:00 (the last tour starts at 16:00). The SS Rotterdam is also a wonderful place to have dinner or a drink. Or you can spend the night in one of the hotel rooms

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