Duindigt Race Track


Duindigt Race Track is one of the oldest race horse race tracks in Holland. From April to November this track in The Hague hosts racehorses, jockeys and hundreds of horse race enthusiasts every Sunday. What makes the Duindigt Race Track unique is that it features both trotting and endurance racing. Horses and jockeys display their skills and power in a very special ambiance.

Betting at the horse races

Nothing is more exciting than spending a day at the races at Duindigt Race Track. Anything between eight and twelve races are held every Sunday during the racing season. Many visitors enjoy the thrill of taking a bet. You can already make a wager for a single euro.

You can find more information about Duindigt Race Track in the freely accessible museum on the first floor of the main stand. A good deal is the “Arrangement Draver”. For only seven euros you receive an admission ticket, a guided tour of the stables and the museum and an explanation on how betting works.

Horse races in The Hague

Do you want to experience horse racing in The Hague? Then visit Duindigt Race Track. Everyone who loves sports and betting congregates at Duindigt Race Track every Sunday. The best way to reach the race track is by car or bicycle. Parking at the race track is free of charge.

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