Miniature park Madurodam is situated just an hour drive from Amsterdam and the tulip fields and is the ultimate place to discover what makes Holland so unique. Canal houses, tulip fields, cheese market, windmills, Peace Palace, Deltaworks: you will find them all in Madurodam.

Madurodam brings Holland to life

In Madurodam the miniatures and their stories come to life. There is so much to see, discover and do. Madurodam now tells you the stories behind the miniature buildings and about the history of Holland through multimedia.

Madurodam is interactive: you can operate the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier yourself, load containers on a cargo ship in the Port of Rotterdam, take off with a plane from Schiphol Airport and make a bid at the flower auction.

Madurodam is divided into three theme areas: The City Centre, Water World and Innovation Island. In The City you will find the most beautiful buildings of the old cities of Holland. Waterland tells the story of ‘water as friend and foe’ and Innovation Island represents Holland as a source of inspiration for the world (architecture, innovations, sports, entertainment and design).

Visit Madurodam

The Madurodam shop offers a wide arrangement of surprising Dutch products and souvenirs: very Dutch but just a bit different. In Grand Café “Panorama” and restaurant “Taste of Holland” you can order typical Dutch dishes. Other highlights near Madurodam are Panorama Mesdag, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag and Scheveningen.