Dom Tower


When you visit Utrecht, you also have to visit  the Dom Tower. The highest and oldest church tower in Holland is Utrecht's main landmark. The Dom Tower was built between 1321 and 1382 and is 112 meters high. Even if you can’t see it, you are still likely to hear one of its thirteen bells that weigh between 880 and 18,000 pounds.

Climb the Dom Tower

The Dom Tower is open to the public and offers an excellent view of Utrecht and the surrounding area, but before you can enjoy the view you first have to climb 465 stairs! On a clear day, you can see the church steeples of Amersfoort, Rhenen, Montfoort, Oudewater, Woerden and even Amsterdam from the top of the tower. 

The Cathedral

The Dom Tower became separated from the cathedral after a tornado struck the church in 1647. Combine your visit to the Dom Tower with the cathedral and be amazed by the French Gothic style, 15th century wall paintings and medieval courtyard.

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