Kasteel de Haar


Kasteel de Haar is the largest castle of Holland and is located just outside Utrecht and a half an hour drive from Amsterdam. De Haar has everything you expect from a castle; towers, turrets, moats, gates and suspension bridges. The castle is also home to many art objects. Next to the castle you can find a romantic chapel and beautiful parks and gardens. Without a doubt Kasteel de Haar is one of the most luxurious castles of Europe.

Tour Kasteel de Haar

You can only visit the inside of Kasteel de Haar with a guide. During one of these guided tours you will learn more about the construction, architecture and interior of this amazing castle. The guide will also explain a bit of the history of the castle and its connection with the Van Zuylen family. There’s a children’s tour that turns every child into a knight or princess. Do make arrangements for a tour before you visit Kasteel de Haar.

Gardens of Kasteel de Haar

Kasteel de Haar is located in a green area with well maintained parks and gardens and a beautiful, romantic chapel. It invites to long walks, picnics and even spontaneous marriage proposals. Let medieval times relive and visit Kasteel de Haar.

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