Park Lepelenburg


Park Lepelenburg is situated along the canals that surround the centre of Utrecht. The Lepelenburg originally served as one of the city’s defensive works, but was given a recreational purpose over time. As soon as the sun breaks through the clouds, Utrecht’s inhabitants are quick to occupy a patch of grass in Park Lepelenburg.

Picnicking at Lepelenburg

On summery days, everyone in Utrecht—from students to families—gladly descends on Park Lepelenburg. This little park has a playground, white chairs for lounging about and a very large field of grass where youth play football and families picnic. The red-white bandstand is the park’s eye-catcher.

Concerts in the bandstand

If you happen upon Park Lepelenburg on a summery day, you will likely end up not leaving it quickly. If you do, it will only be for a short walk to the supermarket on Nachtegaalstraat to buy a bottle of rosé and snacks and then to return to enjoy life on the grass amongst the inhabitants of Utrecht. Do not be surprised if you end up spending a Sundays here, taking in live music or a play performed in the bandstand.


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