Railway Museum in Utrecht


Railway Museum History

The Railway Museum in Utrecht, Het Spoorwegmuseum, established in 1927 is dedicated to preserving historical equipment from the Dutch national railway. In 1954 the museum was permanently housed in the Maliebaan Station in Utrecht. A major renovation occurred in the late 1900’s, with the addition of new and modernized facilities. In 2002 the building was completely remodeled with a more public friendly appeal featuring interactive exhibits, drawing hundreds of thousands of delighted visitors.

Wonderful Worlds

The Railway Museum “Four Worlds” exhibits provide visitors a glimpse into the exciting history of railway progress in the Netherlands and the luxury in which European royalty once travelled.

World 1, ‘the Great Discovery’, highlights the steam locomotive, where on display is De Arend, Netherlands’ first.

World 2, ‘Dream Travels’, take visitors on a ride to exotic destinations common in the late 19th century.

World 3, ‘Steel Monsters’, features  powerful trains like the Locomotive 6300, the biggest in the Dutch Railway’s fleet.

In World 4, ‘the Workshop’, visitors are privy to first-hand train experiences.

Visiting the Railway Museum

Maliebaan Station has been beautifully restored to reenact the luxury of 19th-century train travel, complete with a ticket window, a grand lobby hall, waiting rooms, and two dining areas. The museum can be reached by shuttle train from Utrecht Central Station and for automotive visitors a convenient parking lot is available. The Railway Museum is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm, with free admission to children under the age of 4.

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