The Oude Hortus


Since 1723 the Hortus Botanicus has been located at Lange Nieuwstraat and this long history is reflected in the newly designed garden. Medical and botanical science played a particularly large role in the set-up and the diverse plant collection. The greenhouses take up a prominent place in the Oude Hortus and the heart of the garden is characterised by the pond.

The gardens of the Oude Hortus

The Oude Hortus in Utrecht consists of two gardens: the Regius garden and the Cottage garden. The former is modelled after Hortus Medicus, a 17th-century garden in Utrecht used mainly to educate medical students about medicinal herbs. The latter is an alpine garden with low walls, short stairs, ponds and dwarf conifers. The gardens are full of unique plants and trees. The greenhouses of the Oude Hortus are the oldest university garden greenhouses still in existence in Holland.

Visit the Oude Hortus

The Oude Hortus is open daily from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm. You can choose from two garden routes that will tell you everything about the plants along the way. The garden is maintained by a group of enthusiastic volunteers directed by the gardener. Together, they ensure that the Oude Hortus looks beautiful all year round.


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