Utrecht walking tours


Utrecht is a great city to roam around in. The Dom Church is situated in the center of town and towers high above the city. It is also a university city; possibly one of the reasons why Utrecht is so dynamic. 

Walking through twenty centuries of history

Utrecht is almost 2,000 years old; it was founded in 48 AD by the Romans. For centuries, Utrecht was the largest and only city of importance in the northern part of the Netherlands. You will learn more about its history during this walk. The walk is available from the Utrecht Tourist Information Office.

Almshouses and chambers

The almshouses in the center of Utrecht are complexes made up of small residences. They are also called 'chambers', since they only comprise a single room. Originally, almshouses were the homes of poor widows or laborers and were (partially) financed by charitable organizations. Nowadays, the residents are private citizens and the houses are listed buildings. The tour takes about 1.5 hours and is available from the Utrecht Tourist Information Office.

Utrecht Museum Quarter

This cultural-historical tour allows you to enjoy the treasures and diversity of the Utrecht Museum Quarter. ‘RonDom’, the visitor’s center for cultural history in Utrecht, is the starting and finishing point of the tour. During the tour you will see centuries-old churches, canals, yards, almshouses, gardens and historic monuments, such as the Dom Tower. The route also passes by all the museums in the Museum Quarter - it is up to you to decide if you wish to visit one or several of them. The walk is available from ‘RonDom’.


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