Panorama Mesdag


Panorama Mesdag

The largest circular canvas in Europe, Panorama Mesdag, doesn’t cost much to see and is well worth your time. Try this thrilling trip in space and time to the beach of Scheveningen in 1880.

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Watch the sea, beach, dunes and fishing village Scheveningen, while being in the city of The Hague. The largest circular canvas in Europe, Panorama Mesdag, makes it possible.

Scheveningen in 1880

Panorama Mesdag is an 46-feet-high illusion with a circumference of 395 feet. It was painted by Hendrik Willem Mesdag, his wife and a few friends. It is one of the world’s finest, and largest, surviving panoramas.

The panorama brings you back to the year 1880. The beach is full of activity: fishing ships are pulled onto the beach, a military practice is taking place and people are enjoying the sun and the water. You can even spot Mesdag’s wife painting at the beach.

Trip in Space and Time

Panorama Mesdag is an experience in space and time, a spectacular illusion that seems to become reality. The museum isn’t expensive and a visit only takes half an hour.

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