The six most beautiful facades of Den Bosch


The six most beautiful facades of Den Bosch

Den Bosch has a lot of beautiful buildings to offer: historic buildings, fortifications and unique churches and cathedrals. You can also discover many lovely buildings when strolling through the city, for instance by taking a closer look at the many extraordinary facades. We have collected a few noteworthy buildings for you to find.

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Den Bosch’s city centre is beautiful, with historic buildings, fortifications, churches and cathedrals abounding. It also sports many beautiful facades. Discover the six most beautiful facades of Den Bosch!

  • Discover the most beautiful facades in Den Bosch’s city centre.
  • Learn more about the historic significance of the buildings and their facades.

The 6 most beautiful facades in Den Bosch

Stroll past the most beautiful facades in Den Bosch. Your journey starts on Lepelstraat, where you will see the Keershuis (1) at number 45. In the past, the Keershuis sold candles to carriages and carts that travelled at night. This lovely building is located on the corner of Lepelstraat and Sint-Jansstraat.

Pass through Korenburgstraat and turn right onto Karenstraat, then turn right again onto Pensmarkt to reach De Markt, Den Bosch’s old market square. Built in the Classicist Baroque style, the old city hall or Stadhuis (2) can be found at number 1, and it is a unique, centuries-old building. The little tower still boasts its bells, while the facade depicts warring knights and trumpet-bearing horsemen.

Number 29 marks the exquisite Sint Thoenis façade (3). The painter’s workshop of Jeroen Bosch’s parents was located here from 1462 to 1523, and this is where he learned to paint.

Orthenstraat in Den Bosch

Cross market square to another notable facade at number 61, In den Salvatoer (4). This is the old residence of the famous painter Jheronimus Bosch, who lived here with his wife after his marriage. The building has two facades; the outer wall is from the 19th century, while the inner facade dates back to the 15th.

When you reach the edge of De Markt, turn into Hinthamerstraat.
There is another beautiful house at 55: de Gulden Schoen, or ‘the Golden Shoe’ (5). Built in the 18th century in the Baroque Louis XV style, its unique facade bears a richly decorated recessed window and cornice with consoles.
Further down the street at number 57 stands a building with a stepped gable façade called De Drij Hamerkens. These days, the building houses a pub.

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The six most beautiful facades of Den Bosch

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