Discover the IJsseldelta

Discover the IJsseldelta, a miniaturised version of Holland! Water sports paradises, 3 Hanseatic towns brimming with culture and history and the varied nature of the IJsseldelta national landscape, all within a 30-kilometre radius!

Winter events in de IJsseldelta
Visit the 3 Hanseatic towns in the IJsseldelta
  • Kampen

    Discover the Hanseatic town of Kampen with a rich history and over 500 monuments.

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  • Zwolle

    Zwolle is a lively Hanseatic city with a Medieval centre, many shops and plenty of culinary treats.

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  • Hasselt

    This Hanseatic town is also known as Little Amsterdam.

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Discover 3 Hanseatic towns, the best areas for water sports, and the varied nature of the IJsseldelta.

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