Kunsthal Rotterdam


Kunsthal Rotterdam

Every year, 25 expositions cover every possible art form,from traditional to experimental at Kunsthal Rotterdam. One of Holland’s best art museums is also an architectonical highlight designed by Rem Koolhaas.

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‘The more, the better’ seems to be the slogan at Kunsthal Rotterdam. Every year the Kunsthal stages 25 new exhibitions, which cover all kinds of cultural expressions. Visit the Kunsthal and you’re in for a surprise.

Experimental Expositions

The Kunsthal isn’t afraid to be new, progressive and adventurous. There is room for all kinds of art: old, new and experimental art, photography, design and anything else you can imagine. Just like many other museum buildings in Rotterdam, the Kunsthal is an architectonical highlight in itself. Rem Koolhaas, the architect, decided to give it an exceptional 3300 m2 surface area. That’s enough space for five exhibitions at a time.

Something for Everyone

Such a wide range of art means that there is always something for everyone at the Kunsthal. Whether you’re young or old, a visit to the Kunsthal is surprising, educational, enjoyable, interesting and refreshing.

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