Cafés and terraces in The Hague


Cafés and terraces in The Hague

The Hague, beautiful and dignified city protected by dunes... But The Hague is about much more than just beauty and chic. Above all, it’s a nice place to be! So if you are looking for a cosy café or a convivial terrace, The Hague has plenty to offer. For young and old, chic and casual, pricy or low-budget - everyone will find a place to his or her liking. We have selected a few nice locations for you...

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The Hague is one of Holland’s most unique cities. The city is home to many gorgeous monuments and historic neighbourhoods, lies close to the popular seaside resort of Scheveningen and is a great city for shopping. Next to its many landmarks, Den Haag boasts an extensive range of restaurants cafes and terraces awaiting your order for a tasty snack and a drink!

  • Discover the convivial, hip cafes and terraces of The Hague.
  • Extra tip from the editors: classy bar Spark.

5x cafes in The Hague

1. Café Momfer de Mol
This unique and pleasant cafe occupies a respectable place in the list of 100 best Dutch cafes. It’s got a village feel and a great atmosphere that appeals to a large audience, and serves not only excellent drink but great food as well.
Address: Oude Molstraat 19

2. Havana
Havana is Cuban-style dancing cafe serving excellent cocktails, great food and, of course, swinging music. Havana also boasts a nice terrace that is ideal for summery days.
Address: Buitenhof 19

3. De Zwarte Ruiter
The Hague’s residential cafe par excellence. The stage, where food and drink are now served, has seen the debut of a great many now legendary The Hague bands. A great cafe for lovers of rock and live music.
Address: Grote Markt 27

4. De Haagsche Kluis
A cafe with a great atmosphere and an attractive art-deco style today, a well-known stockbroking firm before WWII. As a result, you’ll be drinking in the space that used to be its vault... gives you a feeling of security, doesn’t it?
Address: Plein 20

5. Haagse Bluf
This attractive grand café has a gorgeous roof terrace bathed in sunlight. An ideal place for a cup of coffee, a drink or a tasty meal.
Address: Haagse Bluf 3

5x terraces in The Hague

1. Het Plein
In The Hague, seat of the Dutch government, you want of course to have a drink among the politicians and governors, and Het Pleins’ terrace is the best place to run into them. Great cafes located on this square are, among others, De Eeuwige Jachtvelden, De Boterwaag and Barlow.

2. De Plaats
Enjoy a great lunch on one of The Hague’s oldest squares with a handsome view of the Hofvijver and the Binnenhof, the seat of Dutch political power.

3. De Grote Markt
Grote Markt square is a former market square that has now grown into one big terrace with a great atmosphere and a variety of restaurants and cafes. Lunch, dinner, performances, drinking with friends, it all happens on Grote Markt square.

4. Anna Paulownaplein
An intimate town square where you can enjoy a good drink in passing or an extensive dinner. Tip: restaurant and wine bar Wicked Wines, with a heated terrace for those nippy nights.

5. De Waterkant
A very unique terrace by the water, accessible by taking a hand-operated ferry across (you could also walk through Westerbroekpark, but that’s no fun, isn’t it?). A terrace boat is moored here, allowing you to enjoy a great drink or lunch on the water, and you can hire rowing boats as well!

Extra tip from the editors:
By The Hague’s Hilton Hotel, you will find the splendid, classy bar Spark. Sit down in comfort on its beautiful terrace and enjoy refined drinks and amuse-gueules. Address: Zeestraat 35