Dutch Designers


Dutch Designers

Holland is a cradle of creativity and home to some of the most creative designers in the world. Find out who they are!

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Dutch design has an international reputation for being funky but functional and daring but stylish. Dutch designs are usually beautiful, original, down-to-earth, innovative, bold and humoristic. To combine these ingredients is quite a task!

Yet, Holland is a world leading cradle of creativity. How do we do it?

It’s all thanks to two major assets:

1 - Holland has an open-minded culture and accepts different opinions and thoughts. This freedom of expression stimulates creative minds and triggers new ideas.

2 - Holland has some great educational institutes, such as the Design Academy Eindhoven, Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam and the Institute of the Arts in Arnhem. Talented students receive the knowledge, challenges and freedom to become an independent, creative designer. 

Find out who are the creative minds of Holland, that influence the world of design.