Indoor skydiving


The Benelux’s only indoor skydive centre is located in Roosendaal in the south of the Netherlands. If you are in for an adrenalin rush, this is an experience you shouldn’t miss. Experience the exhilaration of free fall without having to jump from an airplace – it’s an incredible feeling.

Professional guidance

As in a real free fall, the wind will support your weight in the centre’s unique wind tunnel. Of course you will receive comprehensive instruction from a professional trainer before you enter the wind tunnel. With the aid of video images and excellent guidance, anyone can learn to sky dive.

From  4 to 90

If you are over 4 and younger than 90 and you like an adrenalin rush, this is definitely something you should try. Best of all, people with mental or physical disabilities can also enjoy this spectacular sport with extra support from the instructors. can be found in Roosendaal. The address is De Stok 24.

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