Regional dishes


Even though Holland is just a small country, there are many regional differences. You can hear it in the many different Dutch dialects and taste it in the regional dishes. Many regions and cities in Holland have their own culinary specialities. Limburg has its ‘vlaaien’ or fruit tarts, for instance, The Hague its ‘Haagsche Hopjes’ candy, Zeeland its mussels and Friesland its ‘suikerbrood’ or sugared bread.

Enjoy local food

The many Dutch regional dishes are not part of colourful folklore; they are eaten all the time. There are restaurants where you can try the best local dishes, which are generally made with fresh, local produce. There are also countless specialty food stores that sell many typically Dutch regional products. You may even want to take some favourites home with you to share.

Enjoy your meal

If you plan to visit Holland in the near future, don’t hesitate to visit one of its many restaurants that serve local dishes. Discover the flavours of our regional products. You can also visit specialist farms to taste the best regional products as they are being made.