In the 17th century, Enkhuizen was one of the wealthiest cities of Holland. It gained power and influence as a member of the VOC. Enkhuizen’s rich history is still noticeable today as you walk through the old inner city with its numerous state mansions, canals, churches, city walls and harbors.

Highlights of Enkhuizen

Enkhuizen is a great place to walk or cycle from one monument to another. The Zuiderzee Museum is the most important museum in town. It gives you a great impression of the history of Enkhuizen and the former Zuiderzee (‘Southern Sea’). Water sports lover praise Enkhuizen for its great facilities.

Visit Enkhuizen

The local tourist information office (VVV) can provide you with several walk- and cycle tours through Enkhuizen. The town of Enkhuizen also has a good reputation when it comes down to markets and events.

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