Fort St. Pieter


Relive the sieges of Fort St. Pieter with a guide. You will learn everything about the shooting holes in the moat, the underground passages, the secrets of the well and of course the guns. The tour ends with a look at the mortar gallery and the view from one of the highest points of Maastricht.

Fortification of Maastricht

The Fort St. Peter is one of the most striking parts of the fortifications of Maastricht. This fully restored fort dates from 1701-1702. As you walk through the fort and see the view of Maastricht, you’ll immediately understand why the fort was built in such a strategic place and what the opportunities and dangers were for defenders and attackers.

Guided Tours

You can only visit Fort St. Pieter with a guide. You can make reservations at the tourist information office (VVV) in Maastricht. The tour lasts approximately one hour and a quarter and is not accessible for wheelchairs.

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