Cars are prohibited in Giethoorn, which is nicknamed 'the Venice of the North' or ‘Venice of the Netherlands’. This village of 2,500 inhabitants located in the province of Overijssel is best accessed by foot, bicycle or canoe. All the houses are lined up along the canals and the preferred method of transport is punting.

Highlights of Giethoorn

The whole of Giethoorn is a highlight in itself. It’s located in the Wieden, which is part of the national park Weerribben-Wieden. The people of the village are proud of their characteristic houses with thatched domes overlooking the canals. These were dug in past centuries for the transport peat extract. This industry has created major lakes that lie to the east and south of the village.

Visit Giethoorn

Let this bucolic village overwhelm you with its charm. Take your time to explore Giethoorn with more than 150 bridges and enjoy the beautiful and peaceful atmosphere.

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