Beaches of Zeeland


Zeeland has much to offer beach lovers. After all, it boasts 450 kilometers of coastline! The beaches here are the cleanest in Holland and also offer the most hours of sunlight. The hardest part is to choose between Cadzand, Oostkapelle, Dishoek, Domburg, Vlissingen, Renesse, Ouddorp, Westkapelle and many other beaches.

Plenty of Choices

Every beach in Zeeland has its own specialty. You could say there is a ‘personal’ beach for everyone. Those looking for peace and quiet could choose a natural beach, whereas more active visitors would probably prefer one of the water sports beaches. The family beaches are particularly nice since the coast guard service keeps an watchful eye on beachgoers. Ice cream and other snacks can be purchased within easy walking distance.

Beach Activities

There are also plenty of choices for those looking to enjoy the sun, sea, quiet and space in a more active way. There are various stables, for instance, where you can hire horses all year round for beach and dune rides. It is also possible to hire bicycles in numerous places and there are plenty of lovely bicycling and walking routes to follow. Those who like to fish will also find plenty of perfect fishing spots. The possibilities for water sport activities are endless.

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